After Dürer

After Dürer

To commemorate the 550th anniversary from the birth of Albrecht Dürer, the Mdina Cathedral Museum set up a temporary exhibition about the artist himself and the printmaking techniques he used.

The exhibition, titled After Dürer, included 10 prints which were created by his followers and copyists. The artworks were organised according to the printing technique applied and were accompanied with information graphics that describe the process involved. 

In addition to the main exhibition, another panel was dedicated to the history and evolution of mass communication as we know it. To conclude, an interactive feature was incorporated to invite visitors to leave their mark on the preferred media used to gather their information from.

The exhibition identity design was developed around Albrecht Dürer’s monogram. It is a reproduction of the original monogram that reflects the impact of his work on his followers and contemporaries.

Juanita Vassallo

Supervising Curator
Mgr. Dr. Edgar Vella

Christian Sant Fournier